Implementation of the most modern coating facility in Europe

At the beginning of 2019, we successfully completed the implementation of a coating line for a company engaged in the manufacture of shading equipment.

Project information

CustomerISOTRA a.s.
Year of Realization2019
  • six-stage chemical pre-treatment
  • DEMI station
  • neutralization station
  • drying furnace
  • plastic booth NORDSON for quick color changes
  • curing furnace
  • Power&Free conveyor
  • control system HiVision®

Project description

The client originally used a small charging powder coating facility without surface treatment and the only surface treatment was done by blasting. This coating line no longer met current needs, so the client decided to build a new modern hall including a powder coating facility.

In this entirely unique project we used cutting-edge technologies that ranks the coating facility among the most modern of its kind in Europe. They worked on the final design for two and a half years, while the implementation including the hall was finished in three quarters of a year.

We also helped the client in partial processes, such as creating hang-up assemblies of products for operators and their testing. Fully automated technology offers the possibility of coating profiles up to 7 m in length, and the products are GSB certified for aluminium products.

The main parameter was the quality of parts; therefore, we built a two-storey powder coating facility:

  • 1st floor – hanging, preparation of production,
  • 2nd floor – powder coating facility, unhanging, expedition.

The client works in two shifts, but plans to switch to a three-shift operation. The new powder coating facility has seven times more capacity than the old one.


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