July 23, 2019

We coat brakes more effectively

A traditional Czech manufacturer of brake callipers for passenger cars carried out coating in co-operation for a long time.

Complete coating facility project within a year and one day

Increasing capacity requirements and 100% dependence on suppliers were a motivation for the client to acquire their own coating line. Over the next three years we made several design proposals for the company, but none of them was optimal due to space and logistics. After three years, the client had the opportunity to purchase the premises with warehouse buildings.

The area was near the headquarters and had a suitable layout, which was the right moment to make a decision. Within one year, a complete coating facility project and extensive construction work was drafted.

Manual and robotic coating

The new coating line includes 7 stages of chemical pre-treatment for aluminium callipers and de-hydrogenation furnaces for cast iron callipers. Furthermore, in the coating facility you will find a plastic booth for quick colour changes with robotic coating and one stainless steel booth for manual coating of samples, shorter series or repairs.

The coating process is completed in a firing furnace with indirect heating. Due to the massive character of parts, a cooling tunnel follows the furnace. The entire area of the coating facility is clad into the so-called clean room and has its own air conditioning.

The design and delivery of the coating line also included important accessories, such as tailor-made hanging and concealing technology. Today, the line runs in three-shift operation and meets some of the most stringent requirements for surface quality.