Continuous coating facility with the Alufinish chemical technology

For a manufacturer of solutions utilizing electric linear actuators, we implemented a power coating facility using the Alufinish iron phosphating technology at lower temperature with Ferrophos 7768/3.

Project information

CustomerLINAK Slovakia s.r.o.
Year of Realization2020
LocationPrešov (SK)
Flow profile300 x 1.500 x 1.200 mm (w x h x l)
  • 5-stage chemical pre-treatment               
  • demi equipment               
  • neutralization station               
  • drying oven               
  • 2 ITS plastic booths for fast colour change + SAMES KREMLIN application technology               
  • the Power & Free conveyor, including bypass for correction of products and 2 lifts               
  • curing oven             
  • cooling tunnel               
  • HiVision® central control system               
  • PowderVision powder centre

Project description

The technical design of the coating facility itself was preceded by various tests and trials. As tubular material of different lengths is being concerned, we had to solve the suspension system in order to achieve the required capacity of 150,000 m² per year in case of one change. Therefore, we chose the HCF frames specifically adapted to the maximum variability in accordance with the tube lengths. We used the HangOn H11B 800x50 suspension rails and the tubes themselves are held on the ROB 50x2.0 D25 tub hooks. The selected suspension system was tested in real operation with the SAMES KREMLIN application technology.

The chemical pre-treatment was also tested as well as the suspension system. We performed corrosion tests on coated parts with suggested chemical technology of iron phosphating. In case of a requirement for higher corrosion resistance or a need for coating Al or Zn materials, the technology is ready to switch to zirconium phosphating in a short time.

An interesting feature of the coating facility is the conveyor lap over the wall from one fire zone, where loading and unloading of material ocurs, to the other fire zone, where the paint shop is found. It is provided by an automatic fire extinguishing system with water curtain so that the storage hall is protected in the event of a fire in the paint shop. A positive feature of the coating facility is the air handling unit that was not underestimated by the investor and the design company, thus optimum overpressure in the hall with coating line is ensured.

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