Robotic coating of fittings

A domestic manufacturer of fittings, valves and gates has been struggling for a long time with the problem of how to effectively coat valves.

Project information

CustomerJihomoravská armaturka spol. s r.o. (dnes VAG)
Year of Realization2015
LocationHodonín (CZ)
  • tact painting line for fittings
  • preheating oven
  • robotic painting of valves in the fluid bed - identification of the part on the floor conveyor using cameras
  • automatic hanging of fittings on the P&F conveyor
  • 3 stainless steel painting booths with 3 hand guns
  • 2 floor conveyors
  • Big Bag
  • reheating oven
  • cooling tunnel
  • HiVision control system with SQL database

Project description

The valves need a thick layer of epoxy powder coating, while they also require a transparent layer of polyester paint to ensure UV resistance. Until now, coating has been done separately: The epoxy layer was applied in the fluidised bed, then the paint was fired, and the polyester paint was applied in the coating booth. This manufacturing process takes a long time and requires manual handling of the product. We designed a new coating facility with an emphasis on automatic handling of the part and firing of epoxy and polyester paint in one step. The design of the coating facility was accompanied by simulations and tests of handling theproduct with a weight of 140 kg.

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