Large powder coating facility with spray pre-treatment

We have built a powder coating facility with tact spray chemical pre-treatment and P&F conveyor for treatment of aluminium profiles for a company producing shading technology. The coating line is one of the largest and most modern in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Project information

CustomerSERVIS CLIMAX a.s.
Year of Realization2021
LocationVsetín (CZ)
Flow profile500 x 1700 x 7500 mm (w x h x l)
IndustryProduction of shading technology
  • Spray chemical pre-treatment Clean Box 1 (2° pre-treatment), Clean Box 2 (2° pre-treatment), Clean Box 3 (2°chemical pre-treatment)
  • Demi station (reverse osmosis) 
  • Neutralization station of the capacity of 2 m3/hour (our neutralization neutralizes the rinse water of 2 of our coating lines at the same time)
  • Drying oven
  • Curing oven
  • Fully automatic control system for ITS technology – HiVision, the HiVision® Complex control system, web browser control using HiVision® WebControl, linking the technology with the ERP system
  • Power and Free conveyor
  • Cooling box behind the curing oven
  • Integration of 2 coating booths (Wagner)

Project description

The shading technology producer outsourced coating of its products at external suppliers, thanks to the new coating facility the capacity has increased and overall logistics has improved. 
It is a unique technology where the surface of aluminium profiles of their length of 7.9 m can be treated in façade quality. The investor put great emphasis on the line capacity and quality of coated parts without sections plus the possibility to modify the line in the future and further increase its capacity. Several coating tests were performed on different profiles before the result was approved by the investor. ITS experts were working on the project and the coating facility was constructed in a very short time despite the fact that current Covid situation made it very difficult. For the interim period - before the large coating facility was built - we built a small paint shop in the same hall.

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