We have developed a system for controlling coating facilities that makes operation easier, decreases consumption of energies and enables remote monitoring of the operation, diagnostics and immediate service reaction.

HiVision Spray

For managing of the process of coating we use the latest knowledge of operations and we always adapt control based on customer's requirements. Common functions are, for example, measuring of the product dimension and automatic adjustment of coating pistols, turning off according to presence of products, graphic procedure of fast cleaning of booth, including enhancement of extraction performance, prescriptions of used programs with PC backup. Special functions based on customer's requirement can be, for example, automatic change of coating according to the product type and conveyor speed, automatic skipping of a space for optimum cleaning, including adjustment of the type of changed colours, displaying of hanging, marking and packing sheets for the operators, electronic weighting of the colour with assessment of actual consumption for coated order, etc.

HiVision WebControl

The system will provide customers with remote monitoring of technology operation and remote control and support of the process.

HiVision Service

All coating facilities we supply are now equipped with interface that, after connecting to the Internet network, allows us remote administration of the technology, on-line consultancy, analysis of states and immediate service reaction. Also on-line adjustments of technology function according to customer's new requirements can be carried out without any need for service trips.

HiVision Data

We can offer wide range of technological data recording to our customers – standard storing at record media CF and SD card, USB Flash drive, or periodically into their computer file, into backed up SQL database within the coating facility or into company database. We support the databases of, for example, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and Firebird.

HiVision BeEffective

Our eSaver system meets the trend of decreasing operational costs in production. Perfect view of position of all products on the coating line enables us to accurately and effectively manage energy using precise control of extraction ventilator of the spraying booth, coating pumps of chemical pre-treatment or other external technologies. With the eSaver system, common commercial coating facilities achieve lowering of the costs of energy by up 20 %.

All parameters of the coating line can be measured, read and assess by various methods from simple data processing using Microsoft Excel, higher database systems to complicated interconnection with external systems such as, e.g. SAP.

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