As a standard, we supply the SAMES spraying equipment. After agreed with the customers, we can integrate spraying equipment of other producers into our complex deliveries of coating lines.

Modern spraying pistols of the Mach-Jet line are supplied in 2 basic designs – Mach-Jet for manual coating and Auto-Mach-Jet for automatic coating. Their common element is electrical pneumatic control panel CRN457 with a large graphic display.

Automatic pistols

Automatic spraying pistols are supplied in two versions - FCC (Fast Colour Change) and standard.

FCC pistols are optimised for fast changes of colours when the fixing pipe is smoothly linked to the pistol body, and thus enables very fast and easy cleaning.

Standard design of the spraying pistols with joint fixing is ideal for automatization of older stainless steel spraying booths and where fast change of colours is not requested. Flexible fixing enables to set the pistols into optimum position when coating complicated parts.

Automatická pistole

Manual pistols

There are more possibilities of configurations of manual spraying equipment. The base is an integrated system of the spraying pistol and feeding of powder colour e-Jet2. Two variants of the cart provide solution of the coating for the smallest coating facilities as well as for large series production. The CRN457 control panel can be installed on the existing spraying booth and the existing system for feeding of powder can be used.

Ruční pistole

Inobell rotary bell

Sames has developed a special spraying equipment – Inobell rotatory bell – for coating of large surface. Capacity of the Inobell bell and high performance of current cascade enable to replace 2 standard pistols with one equipment. Another useful characteristic is the capacity for smoothly change of the width of the cloud of sprayed powder, by which higher penetration can be achieved for deep parts or, on the contrary, wide coverage and unique evenness of the layer can be achieved in large surfaces.

Rotační zvon Inobell

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