We divide the conveyors into 3 basic groups according to their purpose.

Manual conveyors

Manual conveyors are intended for smaller coating facilities where manual handling is sufficient for moving of products. According to the spatial conditions we use systems with cross move or continuous move with pneumatically controlled switches.

Manuální dopravník

Continuous conveyors

Continuous conveyors always make a closed circle of conveyor profile, in which cardan chain formed of high temperature bearings is led. Rack profiles, or C-hooks that are always a part of our delivery are hung on the chain feeder. Rack profiles enable flexible hanging onto the conveyor at maximum utilisation of the coating facility capacity.

If allowed by the products weight, we use the rail profile turned upwards.

Průběžný dopravník

Power & Free

The Power & Free conveyors make the most complicated systems of product transport through the coating line. They are two-rail systems that provide high load bearing capacity but also free move of products in the line. Cardan chain equipped with pusher elements that move the carts driven in the lower profile is led in the upper profile. Thanks to sophisticated construction, these carts can be stopped using pneumatic traces of stations and thanks to automatic switches, they can be sent to various stations of the coating facility.

Power&Free dopravník

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