Quality preparation of the surface is a basic precondition for achieving requested resistance to corrosion and adhesion of coated surface. We suggest the type of pre-treatment depending on the quantity of processed material.

Manual pre-treatment by spraying

The system represents the most essential method of chemical surface treatment. Usually one or two booths are concerned, application of de-greasing (or phosphating) preparations is done manually using high pressure spraying machine with heating. Such method is suitable particularly for small manual coating facilities that do not have high demands on resulting quality of the surface.

Washing Box

In case of limited space for installing multi-level pre-treatments, Washing Box - compact automatic booth pre-treatment - can be used successfully. It consists of only one booth and a number of baths that correspond to the technological process. PLC automaton controls automatic move of spraying frames along the product and monitors the times of exposure and draining.

Washing Box

Tunnel pre-treatment

It is the most common method of chemical treatment of products that is used in standard coating lines. The products go through the tunnel hanging on continuous conveyor, where spraying with chemicals or washing of the surface occur in individual technological levels. The dimensions of the facility always depend on nominal capacity of the line and technological process prescribed by the supplier of chemicals.

Tunelová předúprava

Immersion pre-treatment

Pre-treatment by immersion is particularly suitable for large parts, in which application of tunnel pre-treatment is technically inappropriate or too demanding for built-up area. Manipulation with products can be carried out using a manually operated crane or it can be fully automatized by manipulation cranes. In such case the system itself controls exposures in individual baths and optimizes the move of products on a line.

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