Application of powder and liquid colours is carried out in extracted spraying booths that provide maximum possible efficiency of application with optimal consumption of electrical energy.

Spraying booths for powder colours consist of two basic systems: stainless steel booths and plastic booths for fast change of colours.

Stainless steel booths

Stainless steel spraying booth is an ideal choice for large series of products when colour shades change in longer intervals. Stainless steel booth is distinguished by resistant construction and modular construction.

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Plastic booths

Nowadays, however, plastic booths for fast changes of colour are becoming more popular. Frequent change of colour shades means significant loss of production particularly for bespoke coating. The systems for fast changes of colours can minimize the downtimes and enable the operators to achieve more flexible production.

We have developed the HiVision system for modern plastic spraying booths, which controls management of electricity consumption, efficiency of coating line utilization, costs of operation and other useful tools. You can get more information from the HiVision® control system.

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Filtration booths

We supply compact filtration booths for basic coating of small series, or as additional technologies.

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