The furnaces are used for drying products after chemical pre-treatment and firing of powder colour.

Feeding furnaces

We usually use them for manual operations but also for some semi-automatic lines with the Power & Free conveyor. We solve the furnace in accordance with local conditions and requested capacity as a feeding furnace or passage furnace with manual or automatic door. Products are driven to the furnace on overhead conveyor or floor carts.

Zavážecí pec

Tunnel furnaces

Tunnel furnaces are used in continuous coating lines. The parts are continuously driven to the furnace hanging on the conveyor. Air curtains on the furnace input and output prevent undesired leakage of heat from open areas. Possible vapours that can develop when firing the powder colour are collected by the extractor hoods above the entry to the furnace and driven out of the hall area. Or so called bell-type furnace when heat is kept in the furnace using natural (bell) method can be used. The solution depends on the kind of coated products and available height of the hall.

Tunelová pec

Furnace heating

The most common medium for furnace heating is natural gas, however, heating can also be done using electrical energy, light fuel oil. Based on the type of coated products, we design furnaces with direct or indirect heating. Hot air is distributed from burner chambers by high performance ventilator using distributing channels throughout the furnace space. Hot air channels are equipped with sliding slats that enable achieving of requested distribution of heat within the furnace.

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